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Arabeks (2010)

ARABEKS from Gökhan Bulut on Vimeo.


A documentary film by Gökhan Bulut and Cem Kaya

Commissioned by Arte/ZDF
Directors: Gökhan Bulut, Cem Kaya
DOP: Tan Kurttekin, Meryem Yavuz
Editing: Gökhan Bulut, Cem Kaya
Postproduction: Cine+, Berlin

Arabesk (or: Arabesque), the 1970s and ‘80s subculture of Turkey’s rural refugees, was possibly the country’s most influential pop cultural revolution, if it can even be referred to as pop culture. Its influence was not confined to music, but like hip-hop extended to an entire way of life. Classic Arabesk music has changed over the years, spawning genres and subgenres which are heard in a wide range of Istanbul, their place of origin: for Arabesk has blossomed into Turkish pop, the most popular kind of music in Turkey. 2010

Cem Kaya’nın Motör ve Aşk Mark Ölüm isimli 2 filmi daha var

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